The Last Reindeer Herders - Northern Mongolia by Emily Cook

Get ready for an overload of Mongolian pony photos! These are from a trip I took in June of 2018 in Northern Mongolia. It was two weeks of trekking by horse to some of the last reindeer herders in the world: the Tsaatan community. Mongolia has some of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen, and to experience it all on horseback was something I will never forget.

Morocco / Casablanca - Chefchaouen - Atlas Mountains - Marrakesh by Emily Cook

M O R O C C O !

I’ll be in love with the sepia tones of this country forever! There is so much to be inspired by everywhere you go, from the hand-painted tiles, to the wrought iron window covers, to the house plants & flowers in bloom. I could go on & on about the alleyways in Marrakesh filled with baskets & textiles, covered overhead by wooden shades that cast intricately patterned shadows along the walls. And the mint tea! Oh my goodness, the mint tea. Most of all, the sweetest of friends can be found here, made everywhere you go!