The Last Reindeer Herders - Northern Mongolia by Emily Cook

Get ready for an overload of Mongolian pony photos! These are from a trip I took in June of 2018 in Northern Mongolia. It was two weeks of trekking by horse to some of the last reindeer herders in the world: the Tsaatan community. Mongolia has some of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen, and to experience it all on horseback was something I will never forget.

Jordan / Petra by Emily Cook

As I walked down the stone hallways of Petra towards the Treasury that makes this site so famous, I couldn't help but feel as though I had gone back in time 200 years. Even as hundreds of other travelers from all over the world were trailing past me, I felt as if I was the only one there. I could almost hear the theme song of Indiana Jones in the sound of hooves echoing off cliff walls as horse carriages carted impatient tourists past. Even as I am writing this five months later, I vividly remember the intricate patterns & colors of red rock, the dusty light flowing through cracks down winding corridors. It was completely captivating. I thought that I would make it to the Treasury & then be done, but when we arrived I realized that the 'Lost City' is filled with tombs & temples all cut out from sandstone rock. I roamed the trails with a few friends before sunset, steadily making our way up, up, up stone stairs to see the Treasury from above. We caught our breath over a cup of tea, taking everything in. I was sad to leave, I felt as if I could've spent days there & still not seen all that it hides. Petra exceeded every expectation that I had, it is every bit as wonderful as they make it out to be.

France / Paris by Emily Cook

Italy / Puglia by Emily Cook

Oh Italy!! You have my heart forever. 

My beautiful Mama and I (Sarah) had the incredible opportunity to attend a yoga and feminine wholeness workshop led by the amazing Morgan Day Cecil! The best part... this retreat was set in the stunning region of southern Italy. We spent our mornings doing yoga at our Airbnb in Ceglie Messapica, and our afternoons exploring the other towns of Puglia! We wandered ancient streets, ate more than our share of gelato, and swam in the Adriatic Sea. Here's just a glimpse of our time..