Gabriellë. { salem, or portrait photographer } by Emily Cook

Hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold.

This quote definitely comes to mind when I think of Ellë! I'm so happy to share these photos of my stunning cousin! She really is pure gold, & was up for a quick photo shoot while visiting from Spain. Queen Anne's Lace was in full bloom, & black berries where ripe for picking! Needless to say, we had a blast! Thanks Ellë!

Miriam & Ben · Minneapolis by Emily Cook

It's hard to put to words why we love photography. Words just seem to fall short, & when explaining this passion it's easy for us to respond, "I don't know, we just do!" But truthfully, there are endless reasons why we will never ever ever stop capturing moments. 

We value connection, getting to know individuals, & the challenge of using our own creativity to give our clients a result that expresses & represents who they are, beyond their expectations. We are won over to creating a place for moments to come to life, & seeing people open up their hearts, allowing themselves to be seen. Documenting those moments & soon to be memories, turning them into photographs that will remain for many years is the highest honor. Our lives & moments are so worth capturing because they are beautiful, & beautiful because they are full of love.

Below are some of our favorites from a couples shoot with Miriam & Ben!

Oh these two! So much fun running around Minneapolis with them! They are so easy going & have so much joy & genuine love for each other.