Seven Days of Portraits: Day 7 {salem, oregon portrait photographer} by Emily Cook

This photo is an oldie but a goodie! It is of my dearest friends, Miriam Barnhart! You've seen her before, she is pretty much famous on our blog, and we have shown posts from Miriam & Ben's wedding in Pocatello, Idaho here, and some other fun photos from around Salem for their one year anniversary here, as well as some in Minneapolis, Minnesota here! We've been all over the place together, and it has been so much fun to capture them over the years. 

We will never stop capturing these beautiful moments of loved ones, there are too many reasons why we love what we do! Being able to give our clients and friends these little time capsules, and seeing moments come to life is the best challenge we could ask for. 

Its the last day! Thank you for following along as we switched things up on the blog and showed you some of our favorite portraits!


Emily & Sarah


Seven Days of Portraits: Day 6 {salem, oregon portrait photographer} by Emily Cook

I want to feel free as the flowers.

Happy Wednesday!

Lily is so special, we are featuring her twice in our portrait series! This photo reminds me to keep on dreaming when things get crazy, to take deep breaths, and deep laughs, and to remember that the sun is real, and someday it will shine in Oregon again!

What are you doing to stay inspired this week?


Seven Days of Portraits: Day 5 {salem, oregon portrait photographer} by Emily Cook

We don't shoot families and young 'uns very often, but when we do it is so refreshing to switch things up from our normal! It is projects like this that keep us inspired and stretch us to bring that same creativity into every wedding we shoot. Everything about this shoot just felt perfect, and shooting with soft, natural light is our absolute favorite! It was thought up by the amazing Heather Armstrong and florals were done by the Floranthropist. Who wouldn't to capture this fairy child and her baby goat?