Cory + Bekah. {illinois wedding photographer} / by Emily Cook

Cory & Bekah. This wedding was a reminder once again as to why we love photography for work and for play. It is self-expression, communication, and celebration of others. There is something so incredible about being able to freeze a moment in time, knowing that one day you can look back at that time, and feel whatever emotion you were feeling in that moment. 

So many people truly value photographs, yet don't hire a photographer because they don't want to be in a situation that feels totally uncomfortable or unnatural. Yet being able to bring out the best in others, and capture them in a way that is true to who they are is one of the great privileges of what we do! Not only do we hope to provide our clients and new found friends photographs that they can treasure over a lifetime, but we get to connect with each other, and create a space for creativity and beauty! 

Thank you, thank you to Bekah & Cory for allowing us to be a part of your most beautiful day! Your love for each other was astounding to witness! & here is to happily ever after!