Joshua Tree National Park Portraits / by Emily Cook

Life is short & the world is wide.

We just got back from our spring break which was spent road tripping down to southern California! Our destination? Joshua Tree National Park! We had one week, a little camper trailer, and what seemed like enough chips & pancake mix to last us a lifetime! Believe us when we say that the drive from Salem & Oregon to the Mojave Desert is a long one, but it's truly beautiful. The Sierra Nevada mountain range sped by like music notes on a page & U2 kept us company along the way. The park itself has some of the most incredibly unique scenery you can find. Our trip was full of lots of climbing and clambering around on rocks! One of our favorite parts was watching the sun make its way down the horizon in the West, and then turning to the East to watch the moon rise in its turn. There is something so freeing about this place, and it gave us just the adventure and spark of creativity we needed! Life's too short not to travel right? What's your favorite place to go?

It was so fun to shoot portraits in such a different landscape! Here are some of our favorites!